Darragh Davis

Darragh is a native of Broad Run and has a lifelong association with Highland, graduating from 8th grade in 1969. She received her A.B. from Stanford University in Psychology and Political Science with honors, and her J.D. from Boston University. 

Darragh has spent her professional career in private law firm practice and chief legal officer roles in the construction, telecommunications, IT, and retail sectors, domestically and internationally. Her other board memberships have included the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Global Association of Corporate Counsel, and the Different Drum School in Alexandria, VA.

Darragh regularly serves on for-profit advisory boards and is the managing principal of Flag Hill Law PLLC in Herndon, VA where her practice includes serving early-stage companies and pro-bono clients. She splits her time between Herndon and Broad Run where she maintains a family farm.
Highland School is a co-ed independent Pre-K2 to Grade 12 day school located in Warrenton, Virginia.