Leadership Certificate


Leaders aren't born, they're made.” VINCE LOMBARDI
At Highland School, we believe that leadership is not the chore of a few but the calling of all. The tenets of Highland's Honor Code form the backbone of character and leadership development throughout the three divisions. Its application becomes increasingly more sophisticated as students progress through the school.
This program, open to all students from Grade  10 onward, is designed to compel students to: 
  • Actively choose to become leaders, 
  • Create opportunities for themselves to lead 
  • Challenge themselves in a broad range of activities 
  • Be self-reflective as their leadership skills grow

At all levels, we want our students to be leaders who learn and express the values of the Honor Code: respect, community, altruism, inclusiveness and generosity of spirit. Highland provides numerous chances for students to lead in such a fashion, and a safe environment in which to do so. These opportunities are developmentally appropriate; thus, higher expectations are set year after year, with an increased number of leadership opportunities accompanied by greater responsibility.

Leadership requires students to step out of their comfort zones 

Throughout their Highland years, students are consistently encouraged to step outside their comfort zone in order to strengthen their abilities to lead. In addition, they are guided by mentors to seek out an avocation, excel at it, and establish themselves as leaders in that arena. We want students to be their best selves, leading in the realm they have chosen.

Leadership Studies I

This class is one of two electives that will satisfy the coursework component of the Certificate of Leadership Development program.  Throughout the course, students will reflect on their own leadership strengths, values, and styles, learn different leadership models through the study of historical and current examples, and consider ethical issues, communication styles, and challenges in and strategies for working with groups.  Throughout the course, students will hear from guest lecturers and speakers to offer practical, real world perspectives on these topics. The course practicum requires students to apply what they've learned by participating in Highland's annual Leadership Conference and facilitating workshops with visiting students.  A full description of the Certificate of Leadership program is available.

Social Justice and Community Action

This course is one of two electives that satisfy the coursework component of the Certificate of Leadership Development program. This elective creates opportunities for students to nurture an informed, globally-aware conscience and also to take specific concrete action on issues including poverty, homelessness, hunger, education, and health care for at-risk populations locally and worldwide. 

Students develop a fundamental vocabulary of social justice, study the characteristics and leadership qualities of successful social entrepreneurs, consider the mechanisms for social change, and reflect on how they can lend their personal values and strengths to impact areas of concern.  Students also identify issues of particular interest, researching the history of the problem and efforts to both alleviate and solve it, joining the conversation of historical and contemporary agents of change. The course practicum requires students to apply what they've learned by participating in Highland's annual Family Service Day by helping to coordinate and lead projects related to their interests.

Questions About our Leadership Certificate?

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