Middle School Athletics


At Highland, our Middle School athletic program is a great way to reinforce the Five C's of critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and character that we work to foster in our students in the classroom.

Skills development central to Middle School athletics

With a focus on participation and development, Highland's Middle School athletics program gives our students the opportunity to try new sports and activities in a safe and supportive environment. Through Middle School sports, which runs for three seasons during the academic year, our young athletes learn important life skills and develop physical fitness. The lessons learned from athletic participation are invaluable and help in the development of self-esteem and self-confidence in our students.

Critical lessons conveyed through participation

Additionally, our students develop socially while learning lessons of respect, sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation. As students get older, more emphasis is placed on the competitive aspect and students learn how to win and lose gracefully while learning the the technical skills and tactical concepts needed to progress to Highland's Upper School athletic programs.

Click on the expanding boxes below to read more about our athletic offerings for boys and girls by season and the philosophy behind the different team levels offered:  

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  • Middle School Sports/Activities We Offer

    Fall Sports 
    Cross Country (Co-ed)
    Boys’ Soccer (A & B*)  
    Field Hockey
    Girls' Volleyball 
    Tennis (Co-ed)

    Winter Sports 
    Boys’ Basketball (A & B*) 
    Girls’ Basketball (A & B*)
    Swimming (Co-ed)
    Dance Team 

    Spring Sports 
    Boys’ Lacrosse
    Girls's Soccer (A & B*)
    Girls’ Lacrosse 
    Tennis (Co-ed)
  • Middle School Team Levels and Philosophy

    A Team
    Students at this level have the necessary skills to compete against other “A” level teams. There is no guarantee of equal playing time. Students are preparing for Upper School teams.

    B Team

    Students participate to develop and strengthen individual skills and team concepts in preparation to compete at the next level. All students will participate in games.

    C Team

    “C” teams can exist for both boys and girls basketball based on player interest. Basic skills and team concepts are taught. All students will participate in games, with playing time as equal as possible.


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