Highland's Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updates about Highland's Responses to COVID-19
Highland School is actively monitoring the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As always, our primary goal is to protect the health and safety of the Highland community including, but not limited to, our students, faculty and staff, and families. Throughout the course of this evolving and unpredictable situation, we will strive to update members of the Highland community directly via email.

On this page, you will find a library of messages sent to parents about our efforts and responses. We will also use this page as a place to share other relevant information, tips, and resources.

Questions or Concerns?
We welcome your feedback throughout this process. Please send any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 or Highland's plans and preparations via email to highland@highlandschool.org.

Message from Hank Berg, Head of School - March 20, 2020

Dear Highland Families,

I want to thank everyone for your patience and flexibility as we make our way in these demanding times. The faculty, student, and parent response to distance learning was terrific and demonstrated our collective resolve. I especially appreciate hearing from so many of you in support of the efforts of faculty and administrators. 

Going forward, spring break will be extended through April 3, with distance learning resuming on April 6. These days will allow additional time for faculty and staff to plan and prepare.  We will not be back on campus until it is safe to do so and that will take time.  We will keep you updated with new information via email and the COVID page on the Highland homepage.

We are learning so much from this experience and continue to refine the methods and schedules. While we don't know exactly what will happen in the future, I am confident we can figure it out together. 

Stay healthy and positive,

Hank Berg
Head of School

Message from Hank Berg, Head of School - March 13, 2020

Dear Highland Families,

As circumstances continue to change, we want to let you know what to expect next week and beyond. Monday, March 16, will be used by faculty and staff to continue to prepare for distance learning which will begin for students on Tuesday, March 17 and will continue through Thursday, March 19, after which Spring Break officially begins. At this time, we hope to resume normal school operations on April 1. 

The campus will be closed from March 16-March 31. No student practices, events, or gatherings will be permitted. If you have a critical need to enter the buildings you must arrange through your division office. You will receive additional information from your division on Monday and we will provide any updates to this schedule as required. 

As disruptive as any change to the schedule is, this experience can be a great opportunity to discover new ways to learn and adapt. The capacity and energy of our community are well established and I have every expectation we can find growth in these experiences. This, of course, depends on everyone remaining healthy and safe. Please remember that the actions we are all taking are to prevent overwhelming our medical and health resources. It is important for each of us to be responsible for community well being. 

Please be safe,

Henry D. Berg
Head of School 

Message from Head of School - March 11 2020

Dear Highland Families,

I want to inform you of the actions Highland School has taken and the additional steps underway to keep our students and community safe and healthy and to provide instructional continuity. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, we have closely monitored the guidance from the CDC to update our existing Pandemic Flu Plan and our responses. We will continue to follow public health recommendations regarding local infection and any need for isolation or school closure.

Our international students will not return home for Spring Break and international trips and exchanges have been canceled or alternative arrangements are being made.  Our daily cleaning protocols have been reviewed and expanded and during Spring Break the school will be completely cleaned and sanitized with the hospital-grade cleaning products we currently use. With the upgrades made to our network and the wide use of cloud and internet-based applications, our distance learning capabilities are robust. Our faculty has been working on distance learning methods and platforms and will practice these platforms with students next Tuesday and Wednesday. You will receive specific instructions from your Division Director on Monday.   

In doing your part to keep this community safe and healthy, please follow CDC guidelines and recommendations regarding travel and self-quarantine. If you are contacted by the health department or health agency regarding potential exposure, please contact our nurse, Sharon Fasce.   

As we go forward, we have created an educational response team and an operational response team to address the evolving nature of this health challenge. We have created a page located on the Highland website that contains important information and resources for our families. While we will communicate via email any changes in plans or actions, all communication will be archived there along with additional links to remain informed. 

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate decisions on activities and events. It is in our preparation and sound decision making that we can reduce anxiety and remain healthy. 



Henry D. Berg
Head of School 

Highland School's Pandemic Flu Plan

Highland School's Pandemic Flu Plan
Learn more about Highland's pandemic flu plan in this link:

Highland Pandemic Flu Plan

Letter from Highland's School Nurse, Sharon Fasce, RN, BS, CSN

Letter from Sharon Fasce, RN, BS, CSN
Earlier this year, Highland's School Nurse, Sharon Fasce, sent a letter to parents regarding ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Click on the link below to read the letter:

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