Our Inclusivity Statement

Highland School is committed to a culture of inclusion that affirms the innate dignity and worth of every individual as an essential aspect of our educational mission. The most enduring learning takes place in an environment where every member of the community feels safe, respected, known, trusted, and valued. We are deeply enriched by sharing different perspectives, traditions, and backgrounds. It is by including everyone in conversations and all areas of school life that we fully prepare students for engaged citizenship and compassionate leadership.

The Inclusivity Statement is the product of a two-year process designed for that outcome. It is a more specific articulation of what has always been true of Highland, as the history of our school includes demonstrated commitment to inclusion and equity. The diversity of our current student body includes first generation college students, international students from six countries, children of alumni, and every ethnic group in our seven county region. We take great pride in providing tuition assistance to more than half of our student body so students who can benefit from a Highland educational experience have access to do so.

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