Join Team RoboHawk

Want to become a team member?
Membership on Team RoboHawk is available to all Highland School 8th-12th grade students.  All that is required of members is a willingness to learn and become an active and responsible member of the team.  Because Team RoboHawk is structured like a small technology firm with both a build and a business division, it is managed and run by different students and mentors. Students can join the business team, build team, or both teams!

In robotics, team members get the opportunity to work with adult mentors with expertise in business, project management, computer, electrical, mechanical, aerospace and robotic engineering. The projects are unlike anything the students will experience in the classroom and enable them to discover the world of STEM in a whole new way. 

Below are some descriptions of the team’s two sides and the diverse topics they cover.

Build Team:

  • Electrical- Connects robot construction to programming
  • Mechanical- Works on the construction of the robot
  • Programming- Writes computer code and programs the robot to complete each season’s new challenge
  • Specials Ops- Focuses on special robotics features necessary to complete in each year’s challenge 

Business Team:

  • Finance- Creates team budget and maintains team operating income and expenses
  • Fundraising- Researches and writes grant applications, raises funds from corporate sponsorships, and creates and implements student run fundraisers
  • Marketing- Writes press releases, manages website, creates team apparel, designs competition pit theme, and promotes the program to Highland and the community

Remember, the most important part of being a Team RoboHawk member is having the dedication and desire to learn and grow in an engaging environment.  New members are not expected to have any technical skills.  However, starting young and continuing to participate in the program will allow members to learn as they go with the aid of their mentors.  New team members are the future of Highland Robotics and engineering and business in the future!




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