International Week

Students at Highland School enrich their knowledge and understanding of world cultures through International Week studies. Each year, a country is selected and students participate in a variety of classroom experiences and programs.

Classroom studies vary each year as the study of a particular country offers different opportunities for learning. Programs, performances, and feasts supplement classroom learning across all three divisions. Literature studies, author visits, and Skype sessions, along with artistic studies and the creation of art to decorate the school, are consistent elements of International Week. Students also engage in studies of history, geography, politics, and economics.

Special Events in the Gallery
The Highland Gallery is transformed each year for one month with exhibits featuring the arts, clothing, and food of the selected county. Correspondence with overseas students is a growing element of the program, providing the opportunity to develop understanding of the culture through direct communication. Highland’s own International students add depth to our understanding of the cultures, and we encourage their leadership in the promotion of the study of their home country through assemblies and special classroom activities. 

Studying Countries Around the World
Countries our students have studied include: Iran (2009), Cuba (2010), South Africa (2011), China (2012), India (2013), Russia (2014), Brazil (2015), Turkey (2016), and Kenya (2017). By focusing attention on one country per year, we provide our students with experiences and insights to help them become global citizens.

Italy is Our Focus in 2018
In 2018, the Highland School community will turn its attention to Italy. Last fall, Highland families hosted students from an Italian high school to kick off a new exchange program. The students attended classes at Highland, visited sites in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and presented on their school and culture in an Upper School assembly. This summer, Highland students will visit the town in Italy and stay with the students we hosted. 

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