Tarea de Verano AP Español Lenguaje y Cultura

The summer assignment is intended to give students a better idea of what to expect on the AP exam as well as to encourage practice with the language over the summer. Taking this assignment seriously and spacing its requirements out over the summer will benefit you greatly. Do not wait until the week before school starts to begin the assignment. We do not want you to forget all you have learned in your exciting journey into the world of Spanish language and cultures!

The assigned activities are highly recommended as we will be having an exam during September. So please review and come to class with questions on sections with which you have difficulty.

All the written work due the first week of class.


Become familiar with everything that is published on the AP website about this exam. When you have done this, please write a short summary (60 words) in English or Spanish of what you have learned about this exam. Include some ideas of how you will be able to study best over the course of the year. You can also include hopes, plans, areas of concern, etc.






GRAMMAR EXERCISES: Grammar exercises must be written /printed and attached to receive credit.Do the activities for the following grammar tenses using this website:http://www.colby.edu/~bknelson/SLC/index.php

    Present Tense: regular AR verbs, Regular ER and IR verbs, Stem Changing Verbs 1,
    Stem changing Verbs 2, Present Tense Verb Chart
    Preterite Tense: Verb conjugation charts: preterite tense
    Preterite vs Imperfect : !Superhombre!
    Future Tense: Future Tense Forms
    Conditional Tense: Conditional Forms
    Subjunctive Mood: Exercise 1 Subjunctive Forms, Exercise 3 Subjunctive Forms, Verb
    Perfect Tenses: Present Perfect Tense, Conditional Perfect Tense.



LISTENINGYou can use songs, movies, radio, news (see links below). You may also fulfill this requirement by watching Spanish television, but it should be something of educational value with a lot of language use such as news program. Vary the type of material to which you listen. For example: listen to things related to the environment, politics, economics, tourism, etc. At the beginning it may be hard to understand the first time so you may listen to it more than once, take notes, etc. From each of the following websites do the following:

Watch one video from three of the websites below (for a total of three ) and write for every video a 10 line paragraph summary about what you heard and understood.

Remember to include Transition Words, Subjunctive and Perfect Tenses.

1. Univisión Noticias Videos:


2. BBC Mundo una coz independiente:


3. Multimedia de las Naciones Unidas:


4. El Mercurio de Chile videos de noticias:



5. Yahoo video de noticias en español


6. El Universal (México)

www.eluniversal.com/ Look for: El Universal RADIO

7. El Tiempo (Colombia) look for videos


8. ETV videos de noticias (España)



WRITINGBe careful not to translate directly from English to Spanish, nor use an online translation service, because you may not receive a score for your work. Please write a short essay (80-100 words) selecting three of the following topics:

a. ¿Qué impacto tiene el desarrollo científico y tecnológico en nuestras vidas?

b. ¿Cuáles son los retos de la vida contemporánea?

c. ¿Cómo influye el idioma en la identidad de una persona?

d. ¿Es necesario que los chicos y las chicas se hagan cirugías para ser populares?

e. ¿Explica cómo el arte se refleja en la cultura de un pueblo?

f. ¿Cuáles son los problemas del medio ambiente que enfrentan los países del planeta tierra?


g. ¿Compara y contrasta las costumbres de una familia americana con una familia hispana?


Oral Presentation –in Spanish!Choose a current event and come prepared for a 2 minutes oral presentation.

To prepare for this, you will be expected to bring in the article which represents a current event on a global, national, statewide or on a local scale. This can be from a newspaper, magazine or from an online news source. You are expected to write a summary of the article stating who, what where, when and why. The summary should be approximately a paragraph, 5-8 sentences and should have a reflection approximately a paragraph. Why did you choose this article? How does it affect your life or someone else? What did you agree/disagree with? What is your opinion?
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