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Phoebe Krumich '10 Encourages Young Alumni to Support Highland During Third Annual Give Local Piedmont Event

Dear Alumni,

Last year at about this time, I received an e-mail from Mr. Berg inviting me to “come back to the mothership” to teach English and involve myself once again in the exceptional community that I called home for high school. As a Highland graduate of the fairly recent class of 2010, I felt both elated and slightly nervous. For starters, how could I ever call Mr. Ferguson “Doug” with a straight face? My misgivings melted away quickly because, as I soon remembered, Highland is a genuinely welcoming community that celebrates and supports its students indefinitely. I am grateful for the opportunity to attempt to instill in current Highland students what our teachers instilled in all of us.

This year’s Highland character theme is gratitude, which seems fitting for the 20th anniversary of the Upper School’s first year in 1995-1996. In these 20 years, Highland has undergone tremendous growth in terms of enrollment, facilities, faculty and identity. As recipients of this letter, Highland’s growth has benefitted all of us in some way. As an alumna and a faculty member, I am honored to contribute to the Highland Annual Fund in gratitude for the school’s growth and its support of my own. There are many ways to show your appreciation for Highland—ranging from attending a Highland athletic event, play, or alumni gathering to hosting a junior or senior intern at your workplace—but a gift of $20 for the Upper School’s 20th year is a simple but significant way to give back.

Gifts of any size are appreciated and help raise our alumni participation rate, which, when strong, helps the school seek and receive grants from foundations and other sources. One way and day to make your gift is on this coming Tuesday, May 3, through Give Local Piedmont. All gifts over $10 made to Highland through Give Local Piedmont on this day help the school earn additional bonus and prize money. Visit  https://givelocalpiedmont.org/npo/highland-school on May 3 to make your gift to Highland. Otherwise, please visit www.highlandschool.org/gratitude anytime to share your own story of gratitude and to make a gift.

My return to Highland this year has shown me how fun and important it is to revisit the places and people that have influenced us. I hope to see you on campus on Friday, May 6 when we’ll share our memories of Claire Mello and Sarah Roach as they retire from Highland, and recognize alums at our various athletic events that afternoon.

With gratitude,

Phoebe Krumich (Class of ’10)

Posted by david in Alumni stories on Monday May 2, 2016 at 11:39AM
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Will Mackie-Jenkins '09 Releases Debut EP 'Cherries in Bloom'

Will Mackie-Jenkins '09 just released a new cd that you have got to check out. Learn more on his website at http://willmackiejenkins.com and check out this cool podcast from WGN that features Will talking about his time in Chicago and Virginia, the creative process, and he plays live http://bit.ly/1Ppjzbu

Posted by david in Alumni stories on Thursday January 14, 2016 at 08:25AM
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Mimi Robinson '14 Reflects on Concepts of 'Home' in Cavalier Daily

Highland alum Mimi Robinson '14 is a writer for The Cavalier Daily, a student-operated independent news organization and Charlottesville's oldest daily newspaper. Click on the link below to read her recent article about defining "home" as a college student:

Posted by david in Alumni stories, Latest News on Wednesday January 13, 2016 at 03:07PM
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Sara Cooper '12 Reflects on the Value of a Highland School Education

I am, by definition, a prep school kid. I went to a private college preparatory school for 13 years of my life – kindergarten through 12th grade. I graduated with only 46 people in my class, and I knew most of those people for most of my life (or at least since I was 5 years old). I had some phenomenal teachers, and I made some great friends and memories. The classes were amazing: we had Latin as one of our language options, a strings ensemble that counted as credit for an arts elective, and even a theater shop class. But some of the most important things that I learned in my years at private school weren’t taught to me in a classroom.

In my opinion, aside from the academics, I learned a great deal about people -- the kind of person that I want to be, the kind of people that I like to hang out with, and the kind of people who are better left alone. That lesson has served me well since I’ve graduated and gone to college. I have had far fewer friendship pitfalls than most, and I have almost always had a fairly clear picture of exactly the kind of person I want to be. That has been a crucial part of my consistent success; because I know who I want to be, I can constantly work towards that and avoid the typical college sidetracks along the way.

Read the complete article at theodyssey.com!

Posted by david in Alumni stories, Latest News on Sunday November 1, 2015 at 03:02PM
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Ryan Ross '03 Wins Top Prize on Recent Episode of 'Chopped' TV Show

If somebody handed you ingredients like rice crackers and a green smoothie and told you to make dessert, what could you come up with? Could you come up with $10,000?

Battling nerves and bright lights, Ryan Ross, 30, originally from Warrenton used those ingredients on her way to winning the Food Network cooking competition show, Chopped, and taking home the prize money.

She said she was pressured into applying for the show by a friend and food writer. And now after months of Skype interviews, pre-show filming, a very long day of competition and months of waiting for the show to air -- Ryan Ross is officially a Chopped champion.

Read the full article from Fauquier.com here!

Posted by david in Alumni stories on Monday October 19, 2015
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Mimi Robinson '14 Recognized for Role in 'Man of La Mancha'

In July, Highland graduate Mimi Robinson '14 was featured promintently in BroadwayWorld.com's review of the Academy Playhouse production of 'Man of La Mancha' for her portrayal of Aldonza. 

"Mimi Robinson (whom I last saw as an impressive Éponine in the Academy's two productions of LES MISERABLES) plays the role of a very conflicted and bitter Aldonza, and her opinion of both the world and herself is consistent and clear throughout the show; she does very well never to break the shield with which she confronts others, and her skepticism towards anything that is not the squalor and depravity she is used to makes her character clearly one who is screaming for help, yet not receiving any."

"What stands out most about her character, to me, are those rare moments when Aldonza is able to feel something other than malice towards people and their attempts to see beauty in such a disappointing world. For example, when she and Quixote fight the men in the inn in what turns into an-all out brawl, it is the most amazing thing how Robinson, even with a simple smile, allows Aldonza a complete moment of release from the woman she is forced to be day after day; I remember this moment well, as the character transition Robinson pulls off is epic and gives the audience what could otherwise have been a simple moment (this time turned into a glimpse into someone's heart), bypassed in the hubbub in the inn. Not to mention she has a beautiful voice!"

Check out the complete review of the Academy Playhouse's production of 'Man of La Mancha' here.

Posted by david in Alumni stories on Thursday July 30, 2015 at 08:13AM
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