Intensive Programs

In response to the needs of students who show great potential to succeed, but who require an  increased level of accommodation and individual support, the School has developed the  Intensive Programs. These programs are characterized by a very low teacher to student ratio and  individual attention beyond the threshold of typical Learning Center services. Additional fees  are charged based on the design of the program. 

Lower School Intensive 

Lower School students who need more individualized instruction are scheduled in an Intensive program, giving them additional time in the Learning Center. Currently, Lower School Intensive students meet with the specialist five times a week for targeted instruction; the fee is $2500 for the year. Students are provided with a personalized learning experience to support remediation in core classes with an emphasis on reading and writing skills. If it is determined that students would benefit from psycho-educational testing, learning specialists work closely with parents to ensure they understand both the process and their options. 

Middle School Intensive

Middle School students who require extra individualized support can be scheduled for an  Intensive class in the Learning Center when they would otherwise be in a language class by activating their foreign language waiver. In circumstances when scheduling during the school day is not possible, or when additional time is needed, students enroll in an afterschool Intensive program to ensure they receive the personalized remediation they need. Intensive students obtain specialized remediation of reading and writing skills, learn new technologies to support their schoolwork, help with the organization of materials and assignments, and work on homework and test preparation with the guidance of a learning specialist. The fee for Middle School Intensive is $2000 per semester.  

Upper School Intensive 

Qualified Upper School students who need more individualized support enroll in an Intensive class in lieu of another elective. The ninth and tenth grade Intensive classes are taught by learning specialists and provide a balance of remediation of skills and support of current coursework. The focus is reading and writing support, with an emphasis on supplementing lessons taught in English and history classes. Students receive direct instruction in a small group setting centered on reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, written expression, and active study strategies. Students learn to apply strategies and technology toolkits to target assignment completion and projects, note taking, organization, and time management skills. The fee for the ninth and tenth-grade Intensive is $2000 per semester. In junior and senior years, the Intensive program is dedicated to supporting of coursework in math and science classes; thus, the  Math/Science Intensive class is taught by the Math or Science faculty. The fee for Math/Science Intensive is $1500 per semester. In all grades, the Intensive classes are worth 0.5 credit per semester and are graded on the pass-fail grading scale.

Highland School is a co-ed independent Pre-K2 to Grade 12 day school located in Warrenton, Virginia.