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A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Woman

The ancient immrama are tapestries woven by voices around a fire. A single thread always takes the first step to shape a larger image. As it travels through a storyteller’s fingers, it’ll braid, intertwine with others until they become one. Without that first thread, a story is nothing but an empty loom. 


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The Many Layers of Highland’s Butterfly Garden

There’s more to Highland’s new monarch butterfly garden than a lovely display of native plants and flitting butterflies. Intended in both design and execution as an essential way station for migrating monarch butterflies struggling to find food, the garden is the culmination of months of work by Lower School students, faculty, and parents. But it doesn’t just meet the needs of the insects – it meets the needs and interests of the students and teachers as well.

“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you sit…

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Highland’s Kindergarten Students Drive Learning with Technology

If you were to pop into the Highland Kindergarten classroom today, you would probably hear one of Diana Hewitt’s serious five-year-olds comment to a classmate, “That’s a great piece of work, you should upload that to your Seesaw journal!” That’s right, you won’t hear them talking about Dick, Jane and Spot as you might have 50+ years ago.

The new Seesaw e-Portfolio program that Mrs. Hewitt and Technology teacher Michele Daniel-Shenk are piloting in Kindergarten definitely makes it a 21st century classroom, which is an important reflection of the Highland …

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Highland Alum Tori Hall '13 Addresses Students and Faculty

At a recent All-School Gathering, Victoria Hall, the valedictorian of Highland's Class of 2013 and a current student at Yale University, addressed students, faculty and parents. In her speech, which you can watch below, Tori encouraged current students to take full advantage of the unique range of opportunities Highland offers – everything from the academics, athletics, and arts, to the highly individualized attention from its dedicated faculty.

Tori mentioned two faculty members specifically who encouraged her to push beyond her own perceived limits while fostering her love of …

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Upper School Students Complete Service Camp

Highland Upper School students, Luke Rodgers, Tucker Minter, Ben Babcox, Brooke Landers, and Cameron Smith spent a week of their summer volunteering for community organizations and earning hours toward their service requirement. 

Students performed a wide range of jobs during the week
On Monday, students loaded shelves, sorted produce, and help ready the Fauquier Food Bank for their clients. On Tuesday, students weeded and mulched flower beds and a playground for families at The Barn, a Transitional Housing program in Prince William County.  On Wednesday, students caulked and …

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Outward Bound with Highland School

“If we take to heart the lessons of history, we will regard it as a very serious responsibility of schools to build up nervous strength in the vulnerable, the imaginative, the sensitive, by methods which will harden yet spare them, so that they will be better able to stand the strain which responsible citizenship imposes.” -KURT HAHN, OUTWARD BOUND 

Under the school’s Character and Leadership program, Upper School students have the opportunity to pursue a Certificate of Leadership Development. Criteria for the certificate include completion of a Leadership and/or…

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Celebrating 32 Years with Sarah Roach

After 32 years at Highland School, Upper School Latin teacher Sarah Roach will retire at the end of the 2015/2016 academic year (after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, of course). We caught up with Sarah to find out how she arrived at Highland, what she thinks about traveling the world with her students, and what adventures lie ahead.

Q. You came to Highland School in 1984 after teaching at Wakefield Country Day School. What originally brought you to Highland? Did you think at the time that you’d stay for 32 years?

A. I actually taught Latin for a year in a high school in …

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